Asociación Infantil Hogar Sol

Albergue Transitorio

San José, Costa Rica


About Us

Hogar Sol Association was founded in 1990 with the name "Temporary Homeless Hostel Children". It was the result of the dream of a group of neighbors and friends from Desamparados, who aware of the urgent needs of the place, begin a path of service to our children. This sector is highly vulnerable, and demands immediate attention by the government and all its citizens. Our children suffer many social problems such as aggression, neglect and deprivation of rights due to them.

We are an NGO that works closely with the government of Costa Rica serving children at social risk and vulnerability status. We protect children in situations of neglect, abuse, sexual and physical assault.

Hogar Sol is an ecumenical, private and non-profit social welfare institution. Since its foundation, the Association had the firm conviction that children have rights in social risk, specific needs and require special protection from civil society.


How to help?

We have multiple needs, among which are: food, cleaning supplies and personal hygiene and economic needs.

You can give us your support by:

  • Direct deposit in the Banco Nacional de Costa Rica´s account number 100-1-0470000916-2 property of "Asociación Hogar Sol" legal writ 3002 11 8350. You also can make money transfers from another entity to customer account number (SINPE) 15104710010009161.
  • Automatic rebating by debit or credit card.
  • Basic goods of first need.
  • Volunteer work.
  • Internships or University Community Work at the hostel.
  • Social work.
  • Accompany us on our special activities and to benefit the Hogar Sol.
  • Volunteering.

Would you like to join our volunteer team?

During his stay as a volunteer in the hostel, we will work together to meet the basic physical and emotional needs of our children, offering them a homelike environment.

What steps should you follow?

To join our team, simply download the following forms in word format (Spanish only), fill them with your information and send them to [email protected] mail. We will contact you.


E-mail:[email protected]

Phone: (+506) 2270 42 81 • (+506) 2270 22 00

Address: Higuito, San Miguel de Desamparados. From the Catholic Church of Higuito 800 meters, facing Urbanization El Lince. San José, Costa Rica.

PO Box: 826-2400 Zip code: 10302 Desamparados, San José. Costa Rica.

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